1. Things my heart used to know, things it yearns to remember.

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    Vampire Academy Meme[5/6] quotes

    ↳ “And sometimes, if I was really, really lucky, he’d smile at me. A real smile, too—not the dry one that accompanied the sarcasm we tossed around so often. I didn’t want to admit it to anyone—not to Lissa, not even to myself—but some days, I lived for those smiles.”

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  3. September 1st

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    August Book Photo Challenge - Day 10: Favorite Author.

    I think it’s pretty obvious…

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    Even though Lola isn’t the same size, they still look really pretty together.

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    Here are my loves x

    Wow. It’s perfect!

    Thank you :)


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    I didn’t want to do this. I didn’t want to tempt you guys any further. But i can’t not share this picture. Ya feel me?

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    #maybesomeday made it to @kaylasanchez95 TBR this month! Per my request! 😉👍

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